Company Philosophy

Our success is founded on our friends. Relations who have entrusted us with their financial business for many years. And this is the way we aim to keep it. To this end, right from the start we have only accepted new clients who are introduced by existing relations.

Don’t be surprised if you have not been approached via a mailing or a sales person. That’s not the way we work. In fact, our raison d’être and our success are based on our current relations and our service offering.

Personal Service

Léons is positioned among medium-sized firms of insurance brokers which put a high value on autonomy and independence. We build on quality and personal service. We deliver a made-to-measure offering rooted in an independent assessment of products and services. We seek to provide a balanced spread of attention and support. Notwithstanding the size of the individual portfolio.

Our future is in the hands of existing relations and the new clients they introduce every year. Aggressive growth has no place in our philosophy which is based on trust and personal attention. Most of our revenue comes from the business community, but we also look after private individuals. Both target groups are equally valuable.

Service Offering

Léons uses well-known and established insurance companies based in the Netherlands and abroad. We constantly seek the best possible cover for our clients’ risks. Our wide network in financial circles plus a long track record also enable cover at competitive prices.


Insurance is about covering risks. This is not to say that all risks automatically need cover. Léons analyses risks to avoid unnecessary cover for the client. We also make proposals for risks which really should be covered. Our expert consultants advise on the ideal solution for the client’s situation.

Portfolio Management

Our service offering doesn’t stop with advice and consultancy. For Léons’ relations the way we manage their portfolios is a priority. We also arrange the insurance policy and where necessary give advice on the wording of the policy, settlement of claims or changes in legislation. We also investigate other options towards manageability of risks.


We can not prevent you from being confronted with claims. In case of a claim, we will support you immediately, allowing quick processing and payment whenever possible.